Saturday, December 1, 2012

Another couple found their hearts..

I shot another beach wedding in November and the couple wanted to give their all, firstly to each other, and then for the photos.
It was a small intimate event with 7 people in total plus myself and an assistant. The weather was beautiful as we met on Baker Beach, the Pacific Ocean side of the Golden Gate Bridge. The wind had been noticeable all morning but now in the early afternoon it was really picking up.

This meant we were seeing lots of surf breaking on the beach and it was tempting to go and play in the water — so we did!

The couple got wet and so did I. But did we have fun? Oh yes!

And we ended the afternoon with goodbyes and new friendships.

I had got soaked all the way up to my waist. But in anticipation I had brought a change of clothing for myself so it was a dry comfortable drive home.

First and last stock image sales for November are below.