Sunday, June 8, 2014

My client wanted a photographer willing to give their all,

Stash Bandz have a fabulous product they call the Cellphone Garter. Even though they feature a lace garter, I haven't dismissed the idea of trying one out for myself! They also do hip purses with leather belts for a slightly more conservative look.

I met the owner of Dance Mate who happens to be the inventor of Scrunchies which are currently having a bit of a revival with fashionistas the world over.  So if you missed the eighties, or simply miss the eighties, Scrunchie designs and production is back in full swing. They have other products too so you can pop over to their website and shop yourself out!

Anyway we spoke about her photography requirements and felt we were a good fit for each other and set up a shoot.

Another great thing about this project is that it connected me with a great model named Von, who I hadn't previously worked with. She's the model featured in all the shots shown here and you can see more of Von's work here. She is really great to work with and brought so much to the session.
Here are some of the images we made during our shoot and you can see how the photos are being used on the Dance Mate site.