Saturday, March 8, 2014

Time for an update,

It's been a frenzied start to what I thought would be a gentle easing into 2014. And now almost a quarter of the way through the year, I'm taking a quick breath to share an update.

Greek Chapters.
In January, I began another season of Sorority and Fraternity shoots and as usual I still get to meet some very interesting people and future guardians of American society, but with a distinct international flavor coming through more and more. 

Saks 5th Avenue - Elie Saab
This was in-store photography at the San Francisco store in Union Square. The staff and the security team were excellent people to work with. I had a very successful shoot and also met 2 make-up artists whom I may work with in the future - which is probably not surprising since I was shooting in the cosmetics and perfumes department. 

Original Stitch,

Previously known as Bleuflamme, had me out on the streets of San Francisco with a model in tow capturing lifestyle shots of their custom made shirts.

Destiny Arts Center
in Oakland, hired me to capture people and, essence, and environmental shots at their wonderful studios. Got to meet and photograph some more really wonderful and talented people of all ages and ethnicity.

Then there was a fitness shoot for an actor/model. I won't say too much just now but he is currently having some very interesting conversations with a film company along with moving along nicely on the fitness competition circuit. And I've just, earlier today, completed another shoot for a startup soon to be launched with a very Italian feel…

In February, I took a trip to Vancouver to get some sightseeing done and make some stock photography. It snowed so much that the photography aspect was very limited and the focus of the trip turned to nice restaurants and nice food. So no complaints really and I have the excuse that I need to make a return visit to complete what I've started.

Apart from pressing the shutter release buttons on my cameras and processing images, I've done my US taxes, looked over my UK taxes, had a computer die on me and got it repaired. I'm now in the middle of completing my health insurance obligations and taxing the car after getting a smog done this week.

It feels like I was wishing people Happy New Year just a few days ago…