Friday, October 12, 2012

The Power and the Glory

I've had quite a few portraits to do recently which indirectly inspired me to take another look at the portrait paintings of some of the old masters. I had a session booked for a friend of mine with his daughter and the paintings I'd been researching allowed this idea to form in my head.

The little girl was a great model to work with and dad was a real sport on the day :)

I used a pipette to put drops on water on dad's forehead, although if I'd left the lights on long enough, he might have broken out into a sweat anyway!

The key light is directed through an un-gridded snoot to camera left, and the fill is high and to camera right with the power down very low.

It was a really fast set up and I had to shoot quickly so that we didn't lose the attention and great facial expressions we were getting from our fabulous young model!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I'm helping more corporates

I've been working with some great tech companies in San Francisco and am enjoying their abilities to integrate fun into their work! Of course we also get the shots that work well for those investment opportunities, but we're not holding back on capturing the cultures of these, still very individual, businesses. It certainly keeps my work fun!

I've shot all the categories of photography I offer in September except for product. And even got some of my Folsom Street photos picked up by the news media.

And the update on my first and last stock photo sales for September is: