Saturday, March 2, 2013

From Here to Maternity

Already 2 months into 2013 now as time just keeps on whizzing by. Earlier in in February  I photographed a very young baby. After doing various types of shoots, I finished the month with a maternity shoot. So instead of doing a before and after, it seems I ended up doing, After and Before.

Well the order really doesn't matter, we got some great pictures and everyone had fun. In  general I'm still keeping busy and I took individual portraits of 147 people in February. I'm also busy with a retouching project for a computer company in the Bay area.

I've also been talking with 3 clients  about 3 interesting projects that I've been busy doing planning work on and am hoping that at least 1 of them will get the go ahead this month (March).

And finally my first and last image sales for February 2013.