Thursday, January 1, 2015

Taking Stock: 2014

First of all let me wish you a happy and prosperous 2015!

2014 was a busy year for assignments and other projects. After prioritizing my work for the year my stock photography was given the least preference so additions to my body of stock photography work for 2014 were minimal.

Even so, I managed to do 515 stock image sales during the course of the year. I was also able to re-license some of my 2013 images that clients requested extended usage on.

My 1st image sale of 2014 was this one:
The photography was done in San Francisco and the image is Royalty Free and is model released. This image has had 9 sales during 2014.

And here is my last stock image sale of 2014:
This was sold on December 31st and shows the National Assembly and Government Buildings  in Belize. It seems quite fitting as I am currently in Belize. This photo was taken in Belmopan in 2013 where I specifically did a shoot of the Government Buildings for submission to the image libraries I contribute to.

Clients have already made bookings for me to shoot photo assignments in the approaching February, April, and May, but I will be prioritizing to include some stock shots that I already have concepts for.

I'm looking forward to a full and exciting 2015 and wish you all the same!