Sunday, August 26, 2012

Phemale, pheline, phashion...

Model: Alicia Silverfarb    Makeup: Peacock Artistry
So we found a wooded area where we could release our "wildcat" back into a suitable habitat.

It was an overcast day in San Francisco but working in a dark area of woodland  with portable lighting meant we could control the light fairly easily.

I used one naked speedlight , one speedlight through a 36 inch white umbrella and a hand held reflector. The lights were triggered by wireless and an assistant manipulated the reflector .

We explored a whole range of feline poses and expressions before a quick costume update to capture a few "aristo-cat" type shots.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

You can go with your head and art

I was asked to do some headshots, but with a slightly more modern, grittier feel than the type of images that usually come to mind. It was a great location which was excellent for a few portraits too. If you're in San Francisco and you enjoy street murals/art, visit Clarion Alley.

So I had a great shoot with my client who also really enjoyed herself which is always great to hear. The sun was really strong and still quite high for most of the time so I shot many of the exposures with a Nikon SB-600 Speedlight as fill flash. There was no assistant budgeted for the shoot so handheld, off camera flash made the day for me.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

It's an engaging summer

You've probably noticed it yourself too, everyone's getting engaged this summer! This has contributed to keeping me busy, recording special moments for romantic couples.

While I was out with these newly engaged people, I noticed this truck at the roadside (well it was difficult to miss!) and the driver looked like he was going to be busy there for a while. So I approached him and asked if we could use his cab for a few shots and he smiled and said yes.

I asked him to shut the engine off before my client climbed into the cab. You know, just in case :)

It was still early in the afternoon so the sun was still quite high. Many of the shots were made with the aid of a reflector and I used a polarizing filter to stop the colours from being washed out.

Once again the couple were great to work with and as we conversed as we did the shoot, they became more and more relaxed and willing to try different scenarios for their photo compositions.

Kudos to Marco for agreeing to do a flying kick numerous times to get this shot on what turned out to be one of San Francisco's hotter days. And bravo to his fiancée who stood her ground and didn't flinch as he went flying through the air toward her!

I did give them a break after this display of martial arts at the same time looking around me to see what the next shots would be once Marco had his breath back :)

And even though this shot of them crossing the road looks simple enough, we were in reality competing with traffic for much of the time. Again, this couple were un-phased and repeatedly marched across the street for me until I was happy we had the right shot. By the time we were done, we noted that onlookers had stopped to try and work out what we were doing. Looks like they found the whole thing totally engaging!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Stars in bars...

July found me still keeping busy and having more and more fun!
Skype's agency flew me to San Diego to cover their promo activities at Comic-Con. Skype was based in their own tricked out Airstream trailer which had been designed and put together with the help of reMade and the famous West Coast Customs. The trailer arrived mostly in kit form and reMade and the guys from West Coast Customs set about putting it all back together again. It was very much like watching the show on TV with the clock ticking and all kinds of fittings and frantic last minute adjustments being made so that the "Lounge" would be ready in time to host the schedule of events and also welcome the general public onboard. See the Skype lounge here.

People were invited to Skype with their friends and families, collect tee shirts etc., and video chat with real live Aliens! Yes you read it correctly.
I spent a lot of time with the Skype girls. As well as photographing them in the streets around the San Diego Convention Center, I also shot them with VIP's and celebrities inside the Wired Cafe. It was a really fun few days. Long days — but so much fun!

Back in San Francisco, I had a couple of shoots for Bar and Pub venues. While working at one venue, the Manager made me a non alcoholic drink of lemon zest, cucumbers, and water which I think I've become addicted to. I'm not sure what else is in his recipe but I've actually been back once just for a glass of this amazing water!

I also shot a Karaoke night and a Trivia quiz night for one venue and here I was offered free beer. I was working and I was driving so I passed on the offer. But if it had been that water..........

As the days passed I completed another family shoot, a really fun portrait session on location, shot some installation art for a gallery and the artist, and last weekend another wedding.

And here are my first and last stock image sales for the month of July

The first image is for editorial use. I have been consciously shooting more editorial subject matter and am happy to see that the sales of these images are steadily growing.