Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Stars in bars...

July found me still keeping busy and having more and more fun!
Skype's agency flew me to San Diego to cover their promo activities at Comic-Con. Skype was based in their own tricked out Airstream trailer which had been designed and put together with the help of reMade and the famous West Coast Customs. The trailer arrived mostly in kit form and reMade and the guys from West Coast Customs set about putting it all back together again. It was very much like watching the show on TV with the clock ticking and all kinds of fittings and frantic last minute adjustments being made so that the "Lounge" would be ready in time to host the schedule of events and also welcome the general public onboard. See the Skype lounge here.

People were invited to Skype with their friends and families, collect tee shirts etc., and video chat with real live Aliens! Yes you read it correctly.
I spent a lot of time with the Skype girls. As well as photographing them in the streets around the San Diego Convention Center, I also shot them with VIP's and celebrities inside the Wired Cafe. It was a really fun few days. Long days — but so much fun!

Back in San Francisco, I had a couple of shoots for Bar and Pub venues. While working at one venue, the Manager made me a non alcoholic drink of lemon zest, cucumbers, and water which I think I've become addicted to. I'm not sure what else is in his recipe but I've actually been back once just for a glass of this amazing water!

I also shot a Karaoke night and a Trivia quiz night for one venue and here I was offered free beer. I was working and I was driving so I passed on the offer. But if it had been that water..........

As the days passed I completed another family shoot, a really fun portrait session on location, shot some installation art for a gallery and the artist, and last weekend another wedding.

And here are my first and last stock image sales for the month of July

The first image is for editorial use. I have been consciously shooting more editorial subject matter and am happy to see that the sales of these images are steadily growing. 

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