Thursday, October 9, 2014

Air BnB Campaign Shoot in Kent, UK

After spending the night in London, we traveled down to Kent to shoot a series of scenes. The film crew would capture footage for the film and I would get the still shots for the media campaigns. It was a fresh and beautifully sunny day as we arrived for lunch at The Bull. After a hearty pub lunch it was time to continue with work.

The location was a beautifully converted windmill and we would be working with a child and with an animal. For this shoot you can disregard all the sayings about working with children and animals. This all went well and I would happily work again with the girl and the cat talent anytime.
The cat was up first and with the help of the cat wrangler, we were able to get a whole range of usable poses for the kitchen window shot. As the day moved on we shot a few other sets within the windmill including bathroom scenes and other window shots. 

Every room and corner in this fabulous conversion would have easily lent itself to beautiful scenes, especially with the way that light entered the spaces, and we were enjoying a beautifully clear, sunlit day. As the day drew on and evening approached, it was time to move on to an outhouse in the garden just before the sun set.

And now it was the girls turn to be the star. With the use of a polarizer attached to my lens I was able to capture a series of shots taken looking outside through a window. Again, with the sun working on it's own clock, I had to engage with the film director in a dance of filming and still capturing to ensure the film director captured her vision as well as for me to get my frames — and all without showing up as reflections in each other's work, while working in a very cramped space, with very little time.
The talent was great as she ran backward and forward numerous times for the filming and then all over again for my stills.
Once we had the final frames for both mediums, it was a wrap on another really productive day at a fabulous location.

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