Thursday, October 23, 2014

Air BnB Campaign Shoot in London, UK

The London shoots began in a houseboat on the River Thames. The sun was kind enough to pop out so that we didn't have to contend with dull grey looking water.

To keep the swans and ducks interested in staying within shot, one of the guys on the UK production crew was outside on deck with a yellow rubber duck that he made bob about in the water with the aid of a length of fishing line. This kept the ducks and swans curious enough to stick around and give their cameo performances.

After the houseboat shots we moved along to central london for a street musician set up.
This shot is in between some takes the film crew were capturing with the violinist managing to give her cold fingers a rest. It was quite chilly that day. I captured general stills from outside while the film makers were busy filming from the inside of a building. Once the film director had what she wanted, I was able to move inside and capture more still through the same window for this scene.
The last shoot of the day was the party scene which we were able to capture on the top floor of the same building. The film directors and production teams put a great set together and the talent all worked really well resulting in another really fun shoot for everyone involved.

The there was a little more working space on this set and the film director was happy for me to be around her while she was working so I was able to capture a lot of the shots I wanted during the actual takes.

It was another fabulous property and really well located for London's trendy EC1 area. The decor was very tasteful and the property, although a tall and relatively narrow terrace house, captures an amazing amount of natural light. Most of the exterior walls were comprised of large glass windows. And that was the London shoots completed.

Air BnB Campaign Shoot in Kent, UK

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