Sunday, September 28, 2014

Air BnB Campaign Shoot in Thailand

Typical main street scene in Bangkok
Prior to the shoot in Koh Samui, we were shooting in Bangkok City and at the floating market. As before, while the film crew were creating what went on to be an award winning film, I was capturing stills for the online campaigns. Even though there is an order to things in this city, it screams loudly at you with an inviting confusion. Vibrant colours and contrasts everywhere, and so many photo opportunities that had me out on the streets still shooting even in any free time I had for myself.

The first shoot was in an apartment space and the challenge for me was to get my shots in between the film crew getting their footage. And why would that be so challenging? Well they were sunset scenes and we were all working to make the most of the diminishing light. And since we had no control over the sun as a prop, we all only got one go at getting what we needed, and a very limited window of time to do so.

The film director was Alma Har'el. Apart from the amazing opportunity of seeing her and her teams at work on a daily basis, I also benefitted from her thoughtfulness of everything the client needed while we all worked together. With this in mind, she always involved me in knowing how she would shoot her scenes so that I could carve out slots to get in my shots too. 

I also have to mention Chris Leggett plus a very special mention for Elizabeth Miles, the 1st Assistant Director. Even though she didn't need to, she took the time and effort to call my shots for me in between the filming. It might not sound like much, but if you've worked alongside a film and production crew, you'll know how invaluable this help can be.

The floating market shoot was a morning shoot. We loaded up early in the morning and headed out of Bangkok.
After lunch, Creative Directors talk with the Film Director and Producers before we leave the floating market.
On location, the production company set up a shoot through 'window' for the scene. Much like for the Koh Samui beach shoot. Lighting was set up and some of the vendors on the water moved into place awaiting direction from the creative team for filming. Again we agreed how I could slot in and out to capture the frames I needed to get.

These are a handful of the many frames that were taken on the day. The production team were really great and even though we were working in a busy public space, they eliminated much of the difficulty that could have presented itself in getting the scenes and having the people do what we needed them to do on cue.

All that was left then was to eat, then stay up most of the night to do a frames edit and post the images so that the agency in San Francisco had images to choose from to immediately begin creating online campaign assets.    :)

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