Saturday, September 20, 2014

Campaign Photography for Dell Wyse

Some months ago, I did a shoot for the launch campaign of the Dell Wyse Cloud Connect. The client had a video production team filming for the launch video and my job was to grab stills for static ads to drive campaign traffic. The shoot took place at office spaces in Silicon Valley.

The production team were great and managed to successfully create multiple sets around the building that ranged from business corporate, to a scene set in a cosy home at night.

Director at work
There was various talent coming and going to act in the different scenes, but the main model who you see at the beginning of this blog, worked with us throughout the length of the shoot and worked straight through an 18 hour day of shooting! Yes it was a long day but the client, agency, talent, stylists, MUA's, and production team were all focused on getting the job done well. Everyone was cooperative and collaborated well and so we were all able to get what we needed from the day.

Below is a quick selection of unedited frames from the many stills I captured for the campaign.
Corporate environment.
Out and about
Working at home
Social networking
Shopping at the mall
…and fun nights!

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