Sunday, January 16, 2011

Recently published - "Is this George Michael?"

I just received an email from James Madelin to let me know he has updated his company's site and one of my pictures is featured in his product's promo gallery. And who is James Madelin? If you haven't already followed the link, he's the CEO of the company that created and produced the Orbis Ringflash system.

The picture featured on the Orbis website
James saw this picture on my Flickr photostream and saw in the descrpition that I had lit the shot using an Orbis Ringflash. He contacted me to discuss usage for his website. The conversation went well and now the image is live. I delivered the file un-captioned, and without any prompting, the Orbis team came up with the caption, "Is this George Michael?"

Well is it?

Friday, January 14, 2011

Vampirish Activities

I'm working on some personal images to compliment an addition to Roijoy Photography which I will be unveiling later this month. When I work with my clients I'm in the habit of producing some sort of visual before the shoot. In this case, I wanted to be able to talk to the models, MUA and the rest of my team in a way that everyone would have a clear idea of my concept. So, I produced a visual and circulated it to aid discussions.

Originally, I wanted to shoot outside but the weather turned rainy on the day. I had planned for just such an event and set about making use of the indoor location I had earmarked. 

I also tried different poses and very slight costume adjustments. I will be posting some of the finished images online in the next few days.

I was pleased with the way the shoot went and the shoot team were a fabulous group of people - Thank you all!

You can see how the shoot came together and get the names of the team by watching this video.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My first and my last.

This was my last stock image sale of 2010
This was taken on location in San Francisco, California.

And this was my first stock image sale of 2011, taken in my studio.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

December shooting overview

I spent some of November and December away on vacation so did a very limited amount of shooting for work. As always, I still shot loads of frames for my personal needs but had very little time to do anything commercial. Still, here are a few shots from a few things I did manage to get done in December.

This first picture on the left is from a property shoot that I completed for an insurance company here in San Francisco. I logged the whole building for them, front, back, etc. They're a regular client and the thing that I really like about their work is that it takes me all around the city sometimes to some very obscure places. This has been great not just for really knowing my way around, but also for discovering really cool and interesting locations for future shoots. I usually pack my camera bag and take a bus for these jobs so that I can explore the area and see what I can discover without being isolated by being in the car. I'm also able to keep my camera ready and shoot at an instant if I see something that I would otherwise miss while driving.

Above are some fabric samples I shot for a custom shirt manufacturing company. Again, I shoot these from time to time each time they create new patterns and fabrics. I think in total there were about 50 shots. I set this all up in my studio so that I could add the wave to each sample. The shots are used on the internet so it's important for customers to be given a really good representation of the fabric's colour and texture. The wave allows the light to bounce of the swatch much as it would if it were being worn as a finished product.

During December I also shot some collars and cuffs for the website too. Again I set up the shots in my studio and supplied the final images as cut-outs. It's not creative photography but it still requires good lighting skills and good lenses to deliver what is needed.

I've been working with The Quest For Cool as their venture get's into gear and gathers momentum. Their shoots are always fun. This time all the shots were in studio.

This next job wasn't a paid job but it was a lot of fun.
 My friend is a designer and also a writer and we had been trying to collaborate for a while. The shoot went really well and was so much fun! We were successful in getting the shots each of us wanted and these are a few outtakes from the day.

The weather wasn't so great the day we did this so it was great to do some fun shooting the studio.

And finally, these are some pieces of art I shot for an artist who is based here in San Francisco. I do a lot of his archival photography and it includes flat art and paintings as well as sculptural pieces like these.