Friday, January 14, 2011

Vampirish Activities

I'm working on some personal images to compliment an addition to Roijoy Photography which I will be unveiling later this month. When I work with my clients I'm in the habit of producing some sort of visual before the shoot. In this case, I wanted to be able to talk to the models, MUA and the rest of my team in a way that everyone would have a clear idea of my concept. So, I produced a visual and circulated it to aid discussions.

Originally, I wanted to shoot outside but the weather turned rainy on the day. I had planned for just such an event and set about making use of the indoor location I had earmarked. 

I also tried different poses and very slight costume adjustments. I will be posting some of the finished images online in the next few days.

I was pleased with the way the shoot went and the shoot team were a fabulous group of people - Thank you all!

You can see how the shoot came together and get the names of the team by watching this video.

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