Sunday, January 16, 2011

Recently published - "Is this George Michael?"

I just received an email from James Madelin to let me know he has updated his company's site and one of my pictures is featured in his product's promo gallery. And who is James Madelin? If you haven't already followed the link, he's the CEO of the company that created and produced the Orbis Ringflash system.

The picture featured on the Orbis website
James saw this picture on my Flickr photostream and saw in the descrpition that I had lit the shot using an Orbis Ringflash. He contacted me to discuss usage for his website. The conversation went well and now the image is live. I delivered the file un-captioned, and without any prompting, the Orbis team came up with the caption, "Is this George Michael?"

Well is it?

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