Friday, September 28, 2012

Roi Brooks & San Francisco Police Chief capture couple!

Greg Suhr, San Francisco Police Chief.
A young couple from Canada eloped to San Francisco and I had the pleasure of being their witness and photographer for their big day. After the ceremony in City Hall and a photo session in the beautiful interior, we ventured outside for some more photo opportunities.

As I walked out of the doors I saw the San Francisco police chief, Greg Suhr, Standing at the top of the steps by the main entrance. There were some media people setting up video cameras etc., preparing to interview him. They weren't quite set up so I walked up to him and asked if he'd pose with the newlyweds.

I told him they were from out of town and had just been made legal. He accepted and while he held them in his cuffs, I captured them with my lens  !

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sunny, swirly,

I've been fighting to keep a cold at bay and believe I've been successful. Flying on planes with sneezy, coughing people tends to make colds inevitable. However, feeling much better today and we went for a delightful walk in the sunshine that poured itself over Golden gate Park.

The sound of music and laughter led us to the Aids Memorial Grove where there was lots of activity and colour.

A DJ, food, and an eclectic mix of people were out in the sun and obviously feeling good. Apart from the people making giant bubbles, there were many flaggers gathered here to enjoy and show off their art.

We were given a quick lesson by a guy named Mark along with a brief overview of what it was all about. It's amazing what  visual delights you can create with 2 squares of cloth.

Monday, September 3, 2012

My August assignments calendar was really hot...

The month of August simply flew by during which time I enjoyed working on a nice range of photography assignment types. 

Setting up the lighting for a group photo
There was a lot of range in the temperature, locations, and environments too. In Washington State and Idaho temperatures were in the upper 90s, while some of the work I shot in San Francisco was windy, cold, and foggy. There were Graduate shoots, a wedding, event shoots, portraits, product, and some news coverage in the mix of work for the month.

I had one couple who left their sunny home town in the South Bay area to have their photo-session done on the Marin Headlands just by the Golden Gate Bridge. Well San Francisco Bay threw one of it's regular curve balls. 

The fog came down and the wind picked up and the cold breath of the Pacific Ocean clung to the hills. Although we had to work fast, (my clients only had a light summer dress for her, and short sleeved shirt and shorts for him), the combining elements actually made for some great atmospherics. With the help of my Speedlites we got some great shots.

One assignment that really touched me was a 50th Wedding Anniversary I was hired to do. When the couple got married 50 years ago, they were working really hard to get by and had a really simple wedding. They couldn't afford to hire a photographer at that time and have only 3 photos of their day that were taken by someone who knew them. 

The bride had kept the figurines that were on the top of their cake and used them for a second time for the cake on this their 50th year of Marriage. So 50 years later, I was privileged to be able to give them a full set of "Wedding" photos with the original centerpiece from the original day.

Alamy invited me to be a live news contributor to their library a few months ago and I covered 2 small news events here in San Francisco

I got through a good number of Family portrait sessions, a few of which were combined with Graduate shoots. So far all the families I've worked with have been so much fun and the sessions don't even feel like I'm working. 
One of the weddings I shot was a completely new experience for me too. I'd never witnessed "Jumping the Broom" and it was to be the finale of the marriage ceremony on the beach at Rockaway.

First and last stock image sales for August
Well we're into September now and the month is already well booked.