Friday, October 7, 2011

2000 Shots and Counting

Celebrating shot number 2000 almost at the end of a week of product and showroom photography!
It's been a very busy week. I was busy shooting all the images that are to be used on my clients website. They are a Marble, Stone and Tile company with 4 locations in the Bay area. So far I've shot over 2000 items and you can see me celebrating in the shot above during my 2000th exposure of the job!

All those individual items had to be taken down of the wall by me, photographed and then put back in place. Then each display area of each showroom had to be shot. Luckily for me, all the locations played music that I love throughout the showrooms so I just got into the zone and wiggled a little to the music from time to time. By the way, marble is heavy!!

I managed to also learn a lot about marble and stone products and the owner even commented that he should hire me to join his sales team. But for now I just need to check all the images and get them all delivered.

Shooting the larger pieces of granite and marble involved a crew with a fork lift truck with clever adapter that allowed it to be used like a small crane and position each sheet of stone so that I could get the shots needed. You can see how it worked in this video clip.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

And that was September

First and last picture sales for the month of September
For some reason I had been thinking that September would be a little quiet for me giving me time to concentrate on getting more new content uploaded to the stock image libraries I contribute to. But, and I'm not complaining, the work kept on coming.

I did extend my work days anyway because I felt it was still important to increase the images I have with the stock libraries. Sales are consistent and so it makes sense that the way to keep sales increasing is to increase the quantity of images I have on the various sites. I currently contribute to 12 stock image libraries! Microstock, Royalty Free and Rights Managed are all catered for and I have seen sales every weekday of the month and increasingly at weekends too.

Included in the work I'm shooting for clients is a regular creation of portraits. I keep on looking at ways that I can make the portraits more than just a picture and am currently having success exploring a take on occupational/recreational portraits. To show you what I mean, here is an image from a portrait session I shot in September of a woman who is exploring her expression through art.

Tomorrow I'm leading a photowalk in the Castro as part of Worldwide Photowalk 2011 And then on Monday I kick off October with a full week of Product photography.