Thursday, July 11, 2013

Beautiful America

Not long ago I completed some photoshoots for the Ad Council through the San Francisco agency, Pereira & O'Dell. It's a public awareness national campaign around recycling. The campaign has begun to roll out now and 2 of the images are shown in this blog.

Keep America Beautiful is currently running the images as headers on it's Facebook page at

And also on it's homepage at

In addition the images are also in use at
As the media schedule progresses you'll see my photos appear in other media spaces around the country.

Sunday, July 7, 2013


I recently worked with a fitness model on location at Corona Heights in San Francisco. The session took place in the late afternoon, and while the sun was used as my main light, I used one of my Calumet Travelites for fill. It's a 750 watts per second light and needs AC current for power. So this was a great opportunity to play with my Photogenic ION   

It's a very compact, lithium battery powered, pure sine inverter that also sports 2 AC outlets, and USB charging port. The full specifications are available here

Because the unit is so small and light, it wasn't a problem to position my lights since the Photogenic Ion was happy to work while hanging below my light on the light stand. So anywhere I wanted to place a light, there was power right there.

I've also used the device on a few other location shoots for clients and have been very pleased with the convenience of having AC power in such a small and light package.

And here are the first and last stock image sales of June