Friday, October 12, 2012

The Power and the Glory

I've had quite a few portraits to do recently which indirectly inspired me to take another look at the portrait paintings of some of the old masters. I had a session booked for a friend of mine with his daughter and the paintings I'd been researching allowed this idea to form in my head.

The little girl was a great model to work with and dad was a real sport on the day :)

I used a pipette to put drops on water on dad's forehead, although if I'd left the lights on long enough, he might have broken out into a sweat anyway!

The key light is directed through an un-gridded snoot to camera left, and the fill is high and to camera right with the power down very low.

It was a really fast set up and I had to shoot quickly so that we didn't lose the attention and great facial expressions we were getting from our fabulous young model!

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