Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Quick off the mark

I was out walking and taking photos with Jazzluv on Ocean Beach a couple of weekends ago. At first it was quite dull and hazy but being San Francico, we knew that the weather and light could change at any moment. And it did.

As the sky turned blue along came a brand new Beach Patrol unit. It stopped on the beach about 50 yards from us and screamed out to me,
"I'm a stock photo opportunity, please photograph me."

So I did. The driver watched me as I approached and seemingly ignored him to go and crouch by the front of the truck. I didn't want to miss the moment so I said hello to him after I had got my shot. I submitted the photo to a Stock Image library and was please to see that within an hour of it appearing on their site it started selling. I found it interesting that the very first sale was in India.

Below are some of my other images that I know started to sell within an hour of being available online.

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