Thursday, June 28, 2012

I really enjoy doing photo sessions for happy families,

It was one of those homes where as soon as you walk in the door, you're immediately engulfed with all the love and positive energy that seems to have become part of the physical structure of the house. And while completing introductions with the family members, one family member was determined to make an impression on me. He's a beautiful black labrador and is introduced to me as "still thinks he's a puppy".

The plan for the afternoon was, headshots for business use and then family portraits, both inside and outside. Then later on more family portraits with a larger group.

I was equipped with strobes and a backdrop and soon had a mini onsite studio set up in their living room. Everyone was well prepared allowing for a smooth shooting transition from shooting headshots  on to indoor family portraits.

I had elected to do this assignment without an assistant and got a great mental workout balancing the light outdoor with a handheld flash in one hand, camera in the other, and moving around constantly adjusting for the high sun position and a very boisterous labrador!

When the extended family arrived, they turned out to be just as great as the immediate family members and even after the shoot was over, another hour of stimulating conversation passed before I started to pack up my gear and start my journey back to San Francisco, about 50 miles away.

Even though I was being plied with food and offered drink (which I declined since I was driving), I really needed to pack up my gear and begin my journey home.

But thank you happy family for  allowing me to be a part of you for a little time. And enjoy the secret of happiness that you have all found and share with each other!

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