Sunday, February 22, 2015

Another levitation

You've seen lots of "levitation" images and many of you have probably created your own by now.
I created the image above for a Holiday Card. During their family shoot on the streets, mum suddenly asked if there was any way we could achieve a shot with her son floating with his balloons.

I had no tripod or assistant along with me but after a quick glance around, this came together in my mind.

First off I took a photo to set up the position of Mom and her son "floating off".
As you can see I coached my clients to become actors for a while and they delivered a great Oscar seeking performance.
The second and final part of the image was a shot of Dad looking up at his "floating" offspring. As mentioned earlier, I had no tripod to lock the camera down with so I was shooting while sitting on the sidewalk and trying to direct the family between the 2 shots without moving the camera too much.

Inevitably there was some movement of the camera in between shots but with a little work in photoshop to match the 2 frames by distorting the images to suit I was able to create a seamless final image. Finally there was some more retouching to remove Dad's hands from his child's body and then some toning.

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