Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Thump & Grind!

2018 ended and the whole world seemed confused and in turmoil.
It's the 1st of the New Year now and nothing has really changed yet. But we are at that time of the year where many people are willing to re-evaluate things and consider changes - for the better.

Some of us can change "things", for others it might be attitude or mindset. We're all different and have different individual goals. Some of us are less fortunate than others and feel very limited regarding the ability to change the things that matter in a specific situation.

Even so, for years there is a common theme that repeats amongst most of us on this planet and that is, to make the world a better place. — But for who?

Personally, my short term goal is to put on 8lbs of weight that I lost through illness and injury in 2018. And I also plan to make good use of a couple of tools.
  1. Will be doing adventure riding, exploration and photography on my motorcycle.
  2. Working to get back to full fitness with the help of my boxing gloves.
I believe 2019 will be another hit year for me and keep me in a position where I can continue to help other people to make the world a better place — for everyone.

I hope 2019 will be a hit for you too.

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