Friday, September 10, 2010

Headless But Not Chicken

I spent some time down at The Ferry Building at the Plaza today watching some guys skateboarding. It was fascinating to watch as they tried increasing complex and daring tricks on their boards. It became very noticeable that "lots of air" was a key component to pulling off their stunts. The higher and longer they could stay airborne, the more numerous the moves they could pull before landing, — hopefully at least — back onto their decks.

As I sat and studied they way they were using their bodies to gain some mastery over gravity, I noticed how they started to look the same way as the seagulls nearby as they spread and flapped their wings to launch themselves to escape velocity. With arched backs and heads tucked, these lads seemed in denial that they too couldn't break free and soar into the air!

It was very bright and sunny so I decided to shoot mainly for black and white and try to capture these boarders at the moment they felt they would break free and fly. I was fascinated with the headless looking forms they struck and tried to time my shots to capture just that.

You can view the images here.

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