Saturday, December 11, 2010

An Apple today made me see red.

Pictures taken with iPhone 3G 3 megapixel camera
I met a friend to have lunch and catch up today. She had a birthday while I was away on vacation and she had also been away from the city too. The weather was drizzling when I left home to go and meet her so I decided I would just take a point and shoot with me instead of an SLR camera. I've learned from past experiences that a lot of truly great photo moments seem to happen when you don't have a camera handy and so I've got into the habit of always having one with me when I go out.

I've got a great, trusty, Canon point and shoot with a titanium body and it fits easily into a pocket or on some occasions, my man-bag :-)  I also have my iPhone 3 with me all the time with it's miniscule sensor and bare minimum array of pixel depth. Since I have differing avenues for using or monetizing my photography, I try to use my Canon with its 10 megapixels sensor as my minimum choice.

So after lunch we notice the weather is clearing up and we decide to go for a walk over to the Castro to run some errands and window shop. As we walk up the street, the first of many photo opportunities presents itself. As I pull my Canon out of my pocket, point and frame the shot, the display starts flashing as it informs me that the battery is fully discharged. Time for an Apple.

So we were able to carry on snapping. And even though I was seeing a lot of red, it was, in this instance, a very good thing. The point I'm making here is don't let your creativity and artistic expression be stifled because you're waiting until you can afford a "better" camera, a longer lens, or some other item on your wishlist. Just get out there and let it flow!

And most important of all — enjoy!

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