Thursday, December 9, 2010

Where did November go?

 I've just got back to the USA after a short trip to the Caribbean & Central America and was preparing to sum up November when it hit me really hard that it's already almost 10 days into December! November was a very busy month and you can see some of the outtakes from my assignments here. I notice, checking through my stats, that my stock image sales are still doing well. And December all round looks like it is also full of promise, even if I've missed the first 10 days of it!

I realized that I was hearing more and more carols being played everywhere, and when I switched on the TV finally,  Whoa!!!  — it's definitely that time of the year!

On my recent trip, most of my time was not spent photographing. No, instead I was doing lots of digging. Digging was interspersed with dragging driftwood up the beach from out of the sea. I spent so much time behind cameras in November that I thought it would be good for me to be more actively involved on the other side of reality. Digging was fun though and was a start to a landscaping project that I hope to continue over the coming months of 2011. I still managed to sneak in a few shots that will hopefully make good stock images, but on the whole this trip was a change that was as good as a rest.
I was out of the USA for Thanksgiving, but I was here on Bonfire Night. Bonfire Night?? Yes, we observe the day that Guy Fawkes plotted to blow up the Houses of Parliament in London England in 1605. It's not celebrated in the States but normally consists of lots of fireworks and big outdoor bonfires. However, this year, with The San Francisco Giants winning the World Series, there were plenty of fireworks to enjoy!

I also had a few Family Holiday portraits to do in November and have a few more to shoot this month too. It's fascinating being able to observe 1st hand how family units interact together and seeing how the often, extremely differing personalities somehow come together to function as a whole entity.

Anyway, since November has whizzed by, I'm going to be back to regular posting and as always, I'm also happy to answer any questions or respond to comments.


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