Monday, April 18, 2011

I met the Jamaica Ski Team today - in Tiburon

I had a business meeting today at a Cafe just next door to the Tiburon Ferry. While we talking we noticed a sudden rise in activity outside in what had been a sleepy little village. Suddenly there were lot's of police and other people walking around with two way radios. It all became apparent when the cameras came out and 2 showroom clean cute little fiats drove into the now closed off street.

There was a Fiat commercial being filmed in Tiburon today and this was it. So what? Just another car commercial, except for a really cool piece of kit.
Camera lifts off for another take.
Camera hovers in front of approaching Fiat
It was thoroughly entertaining  to watch this little chopper piloted skilfully into position above the street to get the shots and angles as the 2 Fiats were driven toward it. Needless to say, if you're wondering what you could ever buy me for a gift for any occasion - well, now you know:) 
DSLR rig attached to remote controlled helicopter
We could have stood and watched for ages but we had work to do and time was moving along.

The yellow car takes a turn in front of the camera
The real highlight for me was after my meeting was over and I was headed back to the car park. I noticed a guy standing with the film crew and he was wearing a sport top with the Jamaican flag on it. My parents are from Jamaica and I immediately connected with this visual reference to the beautiful country that I have visited many times. I walked up to him, shook his hands and we exchanged pleasantries. he did look familiar somehow but I thought nothing more of it. As we parted, we exchanged cards.

As I walked away I noticed the Jamaica Ski Team logo on his card. Thinking that he probably worked for them in some capacity. Then, as I sat in the car and turned the ignition switch, a switch turned in my head. The name on the card was Errol Kerr. Of course! Errol Kerr, Olympic Ski athlete who managed an amazing 9th place in the 2010 Winter Olympics!

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