Thursday, April 14, 2011

Springtime and I'm busy like a bee

This year spring seems to have clearly brought the business community out of hibernation. The weather is also attempting to live up to it's reputation too. I went for a walk in Golden gate park last weekend and the weather was beautiful. It was also Sunday Streets in the area all the way down to the Ocean so there was an even more pronounced sense of celebrating long, lazy, sunny, weekends.
So after some friends of ours drove up from south of the peninsula, we set off for an afternoon walk with their dog Moo excitedly tagging along.

It was also fun to run into Rollergirl and a friend of hers as they went about their Sunday cycle ride. More about Rollergirl another time or you can contact me to find out who she is :)

I've done some more studio and model shoots for various things and this is Eve who I recently worked with.

  I've also completed all the processing from the Rico shoot I mentioned in my last posting and here is another of the shots I took of him.

I've been working with a few artists on and off and I regularly catalog works created by JJ Levine. He creates the most fabulous wands from twigs and sticks, sometimes using wool and string too.

As always I'm busy with images for stock and other assignments and here is an outtake from a stock shoot I did earlier this week.

I've completed quite a few shoots that I'm now processing with lots of really good images that I will be able to sell and market through my various outlets. 2 weeks ago saw a particularly exciting and fun shoot and the images that have resulted have made me really pleased.

It was a location shoot (indoors) and we had fun with 3 characters we had invented. The model was great. In fact she played the parts so well that when she saw one of the final images, she commented that she was a little scared of the woman in the photo,
Here is the sneekiest of a preview :)

An finally, I had company one day while I was out in the Mission getting my fix of street photography. It was fun to hangout with "JazzLuv" and capture some great images together.

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