Monday, August 1, 2011

Bollywood to Hollywood

I recently had the pleasure of shooting a portrait session for Dipika Parmar. She's an actress and entertainer and has had recent successes in the Bollywood film industry. Her latest release was PAPPU - Mr Intelligent.

Dipika has also done a host of TV and film shorts, commercials and modeling.

At the Crown & Crumpet
I first met her when I took some candid shots for her and some of her friends. At one point they decided to have tea at the Crown & Crumpet and I did a whole series of shots for her at the location. I met the manager there who turns out to be British and had a royally delicious pot of tea during the proceedings. If you find yourself in Ghiradelli Square and you yearn for a real cup of tea - with all the trimmings, I recommend you drop in.

Dipika is set to do some film work on these shores too and is busy back and forth to Hollywood at the time of this writing. She's a really bubbly, fun, individual and I wish her continued success!

And so we reach the end of another month and so as usual, here is my first and last stock image sale of July.

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