Monday, November 28, 2011

One Wedding and no funeral

The weather turned out to be really nice for the wedding shoot in Castro Valley on Sunday. It was a small wedding with a really lovely couple getting married. I wish them every possible good wish for their married lives!

I had arranged to be picked up by another photographer so that we could drive down to the address together. Coming From San Francisco, I took the BART to West Oakland to meet.

I arrived a few minutes early and stepped out of the station. It was Sunday morning and still overcast. I had felt the BART ride was a little esoteric and now I found myself standing in a kind of concrete wasteland, looking better dressed than felt comfortable for my surroundings. As I stood there attracting glances from the people who passed by me, I became very aware of the fact that I was standing in this exposed location with close to $10, 000 of gear in my bags!

All I had to do was stay calm and look confident, but to give myself a tiny bit of reassurance, I found a surveillance camera and took my position in full view of it.

As 15 minutes passed, my ride came and whisked me off to more familiar environments...

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