Monday, November 21, 2011

Fame? And Fortune?

When I went to my computer this morning I discovered, to my delight, that someone had made a rather large purchase on one of my stock images. In the image as you can see, I've included myself as one of the models.

From the rights purchased I can see that the image will be used at a large size and also will be printed across multiple media.

Does this mean that sometime soon I might confront myself in poster form while out on the streets?

Well it has happened before when I was featured on large posters that were part of an ad campaign that was placed all over the London Underground. So if you do come across this image, let me know. I'm very curious to see what I'm promoting :)

Maybe I caught some celebrity dust after shooting at Cirque du Soleil last week! I had a great day with the tour coordinator and met every single member of the touring show "Totem", as I photographed each one of them. It's quite an insight to see how this "family" of artistes and support teams manage to create some sort of normality out of their very "not normal" lives. For the artistes I would also add, their "not normal" abilities!

They tour with 3 teachers so the kids get schooled everyday. I spoke to one of the performers who told me how life had been for him these last four and a half years of non-stop touring!

As it got closer to showtime, it was quite surreal to see people in various stages of costume and make-up making the whole site resemble an extension to the bar scene in Star Wars.

Everyone was a delight to meet. Even when we couldn't communicate in sentences because of the many language differences, I could still feel the warmth and welcoming of their characters. They do a great show, but I can see that it's a tough life they have all chosen in their quest to push the boundaries of what we think is humanly and physically possible.

Anyway, I was there to work. If you want to know how it went from a client perspective, scroll down to "Customer reviews" HERE


  1. I LOVE the Veer photo, Roi!! That's awesome. That would be great if you came across a billboard with that image in it! Linda R. (I worked with you at Publicis! )