Tuesday, December 27, 2011

David & Goliath - a Christmas Story...

... not just a little cute squeak of a sneeze. No, this one was wet and very wild and came with a force that could just as well have parted the Red Sea! Even though my camera took most of this broadside, with my face being only 2 feet away from the extremely functional nostrils and opened mouth of this suffering little 2 year old, I still found my face bathed in a warm wet soup of Picornaviruses. I smiled while wiping down my face before drying off my camera and Lens

The weekend before Christmas, I had been hired to shoot a 2nd birthday party at Ghiradelli Square when this incident happened. For a moment I thought, "I hope I don't get ill", but quickly shrugged off the thought. I even attended a "Grown ups" party later that same night and felt great. On my way home I realized that I was probably being silly to think that one tiny little boy's sneeze could take down someone as strong and healthy as I thought I was.

Well, by Christmas Eve I was a miserable sniveling shell of a being and struggling to breathe through my nose. Goliath was fallen, again.

The story does have a happy ending though. Even though my head was still a little cloudy, we enjoyed all the Christmas festivities and still managed an afternoon walk along Ocean Beach.

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