Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Joy of Yoga

Model: Wataya         Corset supplied by Dark Garden
I've completed a fair amount of yoga shoots this year but this one had exactly the kind of twist that I like. Wataya is an independent Anusara-inspired Yoga practitioner and among other places you can take one of her classes at Yoga Kula in San Francisco. Dark Garden supplied this gorgeous corset and bra.
While she dressed and had her makeup done, I built the set in my studio. A few light checks with my mannequin and we were ready!

Even though Wataya insisted that she wasn't very comfortable in front of a camera, we soon created a mood where it was fun for everyone and I was able to capture a lot of successful shots. There are also some pure fun shots when we did a costume change which will probably pass through my online portfolio at some point :)

Here are my first and last stock image sales for the month of November.

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