Saturday, April 14, 2012

Photographing companies who are finding success,

I've  been regularly delivering corporate shoots in the Bay area. There seems to have been a recent wave of funding for some companies in the area. As many of these start-ups gain more confidence based on good track records, they're moving into their next phase of doing business.
Like many of the companies I have been working with of late, designs, develops, and provides very smart technology solutions. Many of these companies who are finding successes daily, have a very similar look and feel about them.
The offices spaces are often completely open plan with no individual offices. There are meeting rooms and often a quiet room. Kitchens and dining areas seem to be a prominent feature in many.

I've also noticed a strong return of the chill out and recreational areas too. So while many of the established corporations continue to struggle with monetizing every breath each of their employees take, a lot of these smaller agile companies seem more intent on creating an environment it's employees want to be in, and one that encourages creative thought, collaboration, and importantly, trust.

I had set up a backdrop at the beginning of the shoot so that we could get individual shots of everyone for literature and website collateral. This is fast becoming a recurring theme. I remember years ago, clients would be asking for logos, business cards, and letterheads. These days it's collateral for their websites.

It was another really fun shoot with a bunch of diverse and interesting people. Now we were done and my assistant and I packed up the gear and stepped out into the glorious afternoon sunshine...

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