Sunday, April 1, 2012

Scholars get together on campus,

I spent 3 days on campus this month split between Sonoma State University and UC Berkeley. I shot 450 portraits and met lots of interesting people. I'm Art educated so being surrounded by people talking about quantum mechanics and such is a little like being on the first day in class learning a new language.

It was a lot of fun shooting everyone even if there were contradictions such as blaring background music by Trillville as the choice in one of the fraternity houses I shot in.

I also completed some more family shoots and luckily each one coincided with good weather breaks from all the unsettled days we've been having recently. Even though these clients wanted a studio shot, they had also hoped that they might get some fun outdoor shots too.
I did do a rain shot for a personal project. Even though the camera I used for this shot is weatherproofed, I still tried to not get it too wet. Can't say the same about myself though! I'd been out in the pouring rain for about an hour before so decided to get the shot in as I couldn't really get much more wet than I already was!

I've also shot some more corporate work and as always, I've been stocking up on stock images. Here are my first and last image sales of March.

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