Monday, May 12, 2014

How do you find La Dolce Vita? —

Italianissimo are a San Francisco based company that can help you to experience all things Italian. And you don't have to go to Italy for an Italian experience as you can see from this photoshoot I did for the owners.

We chose locations in and around the North Beach area to create images that will be used for promos, advertising, marketing, online and in social media. These are a small selection.

 It was a brilliantly sunny day so there was lots of harsh light around in the early afternoon. The good news was that this also allowed us to make use of reflections from light coloured walls and even the sidewalk at times acting as large diffused light boxes.

I also used a speed light for addition fill and to keep catchlights in the eyes if we found ourselves in lots of shade. Special thanks to the restaurant owners in North beach who supplied us with free aperitifs and great spaces to work with.

And just to finish off, here are my unique stock image sales for  April with the image circled in red being the most popular seller of the month.

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