Wednesday, February 23, 2011

San Francisco this morning.

Did I really agree to meet Sai at 6:15 this morning or did I just dream it? It's 5:45 am now and I realize that it wasn't a dream! I jumped out of bed, got ready and grabbed my camera bag.

We drove up Market Street and set up our cameras on the pedestrian overpass just by Romain Street. Sunrise was due at 6:39 am and we were ready for it.

As the sun peeped over the distant hills the view changed from black and gray to a display of golden and red light made the more intense by the dark clouds hanging above the bay.

It was very cold but the show was worth it. I can't help noticing that 6:30 in the morning is a very busy time with joggers and dog walkers making up the major population. It's also really cool watching the lights go off in the city as daylight marches in unstoppable.

Moments before the sun appeared.

Sunrise: Wednesday, February 22nd., 2011.

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