Monday, March 28, 2011

The rain has gone

At least for the next few days anyway. I've kept busy with studio work and even an outdoor in the rain shoot. Even though my camera got a little wet, happily the weather seals did exactly what they're supposed to do. I also spent more time with my always there studio assistant - Flat Eric. Star of a European Levi's ad campaign a few years ago.

It was also good timing in respect of a large job that I just completed that involved shooting over a hundred products and doing some Photoshop work to accomplish exactly what was needed by my client. 

I was also busy with some pure retouching jobs including retouching images for quite a renowned photographer based in the US.

So you can see that even if the weather had been amazing, I would probably have not been able to get out and enjoy it. Things get busy again from the middle of this week but I'll still be able to get out and about and also get some Street Photography done and maybe get some editorial shots that can be sold. In the meantime, here are a handful of outtakes from my recent shooting.

Outtake from a model set from concepts for "after work", "relaxing" and "a nice cup of tea"
From a family shoot - The little boy was absolutely adorable and a perfect model.     
And this is Rico a young San Francisco model. A really fun personality and great with direction and actually contributed quite a bit to the session.

And finally below is an outtake from the wet weather shoot I completed. Happy to report that my camera and lights are all still in perfect working order :)

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