Sunday, February 12, 2012

Couldn't hold out for the dragons...

Chinatown soon became a heaving mass as celebrations marched toward the Chinese New Year Parade in San Francisco yesterday. I was contemplating shooting some editorial of the parade but the throng was growing by the minute and the actual parade route was already at least 12 people deep by 5pm.
I wasn't the only person taking pictures

The CW were there too filming obliging passers by to feature in their TV advertising jingles. I got in quite close for some of the shots I took :)
Had some green screen shots going as well
It was a little odd not being able to hear the music while the people were dancing about, but the sound girl was really getting down as she kept an eye on the levels with her Tascam .
After scouting around to see if I could find any openings in the crowds that would give me a useful shooting position and not finding one, I decided to call it a day.

But even though I didn't get to see the dragons, I heard loud, strong talk of fire and brimstone as I passed this group of men at the end of Powell Street!

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