Thursday, February 23, 2012

More Processing Days

It's all very well that I've recently been shooting products, portraits and a wedding, but all those files need processing now! Primarily I shoot RAW. I have a RAW viewer installed on my computer so that I can scan through my images and choose the ones that will be processed and live :)

For processing I use Phase One Capture-One , Nikon Capture NX 2 , or Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) which is integrated into Adobe Photoshop . I choose the software depending on the kind of shoot I'm processing. Generally speaking, for events like weddings, parties, dinners, etc., I tend to use Capture One. I also like capture one for processing my stock photography. For portraits and product shots, I go for NX2. If I'm processing for manipulated images then I go to ACR. I also use ACR for black and white image processing.

They all have their strengths and weaknesses so it's just a matter of how they are used and what suits me best. NX2 is for Nikon only cameras. I use it for products and portraits because the software can read all the camera settings I use on the camera while shooting and then display the image on my computer for me exactly as I took it. I can also play with profiles on the computer and then upload them to my camera for custom shooting.

So as well as lots of processing, I've been fitting in some headshots along the way. Shooting heads is a great way of meeting and learning about people. There's the conversation flow that helps put subjects at ease, and then there is all the detail in their eyes and faces. As I look at a face I start to interrogate it to see how it lets itself be formed by the light. Quickly getting a sense of the individuals character and understanding how their face is appearing as light bathes it from different angles, I can begin operating the shutter on my camera to capture the moment when they are who they want to be in that moment.

I've just processed the last orders from a recent wedding too. In one of the photos I was asked if I could change the direction the bride's eyes were looking in one of the photos. I said yes, but still had a little fun while doing it and made this quick GIF.

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