Saturday, February 4, 2012

They've left their art in San Francisco

A trio of mottled aluminum heads by artist Ugo Rondinone that was provided in compliance with the 1% for Art Requirement of Planning Code Section 429.
Human Structures by Jonathan Borofsky.
Yesterday was another beautiful day in San Francisco. So after an early morning gym session, I wandered around SOMA with my camera . The light was amazing and I was being seduced by the way it bounced and reflected from the glass, brick and concrete textures of the area. I'll post some of them another time.

What really caught my interest this time though was the space in front of 555 Mission Street. I ended up spending about 30 minutes here getting different angles and views of the art in the little plaza. It's really cool how the shadows change as the sun moves giving all the pieces multiple characteristics. The other piece installed here, and well worth seeing, is Human Structures by Jonathan Borofsky. Its a very cheerful and inspiring installation and don't be shy if you go and see it. Stick your head in between the spaces and look around. The security staff in the office building are totally unphased by this type of strange behavior. They obviously see it all the time :)

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