Thursday, May 31, 2012

After lots of go, go, go, it's time…

The Police Station at Dangriga

But not completely. I'm on vacation mainly but am also keeping busy with stock photography (as in my last blog). But more about the vacation. Today for instance, I spent much of the day trekking in the jungle. The heat I endured and the sweat that poured out of me was well compensated for with the many wonderful things I saw. A huge hairy tarantula the size of a fist, myriads of butterflies that seemed almost tamed, reptiles, birds, enormous and magnificent spiders, amazing trees, plants, the list could fill this page. 

And then there are the long lazy tropical days by the beach, while at other times, fierce but refreshing thunder and lightning storms. During some of the rainstorms, the concept of drought anywhere on this planet is severely challenged.

There is no real timetable that I'm living to at the moment except for spectacular sunrises and sunsets. But time is moving along regardless and a few more days from now I will be back to San Francisco — which is not a bad place to be either!

My first and last stock image sales for the month of May are below. And my next posting will focus on day to day work assignments as usual. Plus I'll be reviewing a piece of equipment I have been using on my travels.

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