Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sun, Sea, Sand,

I'm in Belize presently taking a break but also stocking up on my stock photography. The rainy season has just begun so there is an amazing array of natural lighting conditions to shoot with. Right now as I'm writing, the sky is a perfect caribbean blue while the golden rays of the sun shimmer on an almost perfectly still blue sea. It looks very much like the perfect tropical paradise seen in movies, travel documentaries, and on postcards. As I look out to sea from our deck, and look just past one of our coconut trees, the picture is completed as Antonella swims by the beach with a li-lo in tow.

My polarizing filters are spending a great deal of time attached to my lenses to capture the amazing colors of nature here. And as mentioned earlier, the dramatic changes in light. Tropical idyll to dark and dramatic skies that suddenly release streaming downpours. These in turn suddenly stop and everything dries up once again looking as if it hadn't just rained. 

Well all this looking at the sea and talking about the weather, I'm going to jump into the sea and enjoy it.

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