Saturday, July 21, 2012

A few more frames

It's always great when making photos of people with lively, fun personalities. Mom had come along with her daughter to get some new portraits done and it turned out to be one of my favorite sessions that I've shot. The little girl had so much energy and was really fascinated with all the different props I had about the place.
She was very cute in her different outfits and at first mom tried to stop her running around the place and picking things up trying to work out what they were for. I told her mom to let her just have fun  and she soon felt really at home and comfortable - which made her a great subject!

Maybe it was the size, but she was really fascinated with one of my gilt frames. So as she pretended to be a picture, I of course, took her picture.

My props came in handy again as toys for the little girl so that her mom was able to get her shots too. Lighting was a three light set up with studio lights. Hair, background, and key. Lens is a Nikkor 50mm.

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