Monday, July 2, 2012

June was so full, and so much...

I got back from Belize in June with 3 corporate shoots waiting for me the very first few days I was back in the city. The assignments kept on coming and it turned out to be another really busy month. I really love working with my clients, so more work usually also means more fun!

I've shot some of the sweetest children ever this month and really enjoyed how each time they turned into impromptu playdates. One mother of a little girl I did a photo set for, tells me her daughter keeps asking her,
"When are we going to visit Roi again?"

Along with my corporate assignments I did my usual round of headshots for all types of people, a model shoot assignment, product, family sessions, and a couple of engagements. I've still got a load of stock photos to upload too, but after attending the San Francisco Pride Parade, I have even more. I've already managed to sell one my pride photos to a news agency and had another bunch of my Pride shots accepted to an image stock library for future sales.

Talking of stock images, sales are still moving in the right direction and my first and last image sales of June are these.

Back to my editing and processing now, there's enough of it to keep me out of trouble — except when I'm riding MUNI :)

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