Thursday, January 31, 2013

The world didn't end in 2012,

The sun came up over the San Francisco bay as it always does, even if sometimes wearing a foggy cloak. I moved house, got 2 new clients and was busy with work again as soon as my feet touched the ground. 

I did some work shooting products and retail space inside the Saks Fifth Avenue store at Union Square, in San Francisco. In addition to some instore items designed by a New York company named Visual Citi, I also shot some window displays. The close, front on shots kept my brain very alert, since I didn't want to be included in any reflections and spoil the shot. The general front on window shots were fine because I could shoot those from across the street with a telephoto lens. 

There was one point where a large Fedex truck pulled up right outside a window I wanted to shoot allowing the reflection of it's logo to fill the window. I sat on the kerb for about 15 minutes while the driver went back and forth doing multiple deliveries and waiting to get signatures for his consignments. Eventually the Fedex truck pulled away leaving the window clear for my shot, but just for a moment.

As I looked through my viewfinder, I saw the window was now filled with the reflection of a massive UPS logo on this next truck that had pulled up to make more deliveries to the stores on the block. The model pictured in the display poster was smiling, but the longer I stared at her, I could swear the smile had turned into a smirk. Eventually I got my window shots and then went back inside the store to finish up.

I spent a day in Rohnert Park shooting inspirational stones for a company who source, create and distribute them. Up till now they had been focussed on wholesale but were in the final stages of their new website which would be their retail engine for their business expansion.

Also completed in January was another large product shoot of shirt fabrics. This carried a lot of post production work with it because I deliver a full set of the images processed and ready for mapping onto 3D models for the company's retail site. And then there are always headshots which is also a great opportunity for meeting new people and I continually get referrals from this work too.

2 days in January were spent in Sorority houses completing portraits and a similar experience was had in a Fraternity house on another day.

And my first and last stock image sales of January...

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