Monday, January 14, 2013

Words, a picture, and timing

Sometimes images stand alone and demand your attention. Sometimes it's the other way round and you just need words. Add timing to any of these combinations and you have something quite powerful.

I visited the Jack London estate in Sonoma County a little while ago and had a great day out and learned a lot. There was one photo I took that was of the desk where Jack worked in his house. I was fascinated at the idea that this was the actual workspace of this famous man with all his original artifacts displayed about the room including his typewriter (this link may expire soon), on the table. It looked as if he had just stepped away from his work for a moment and might return anytime soon.

Jack London's work desk
I posted the photo on tumblr and along with the words "Not 4G compatible". The picture was modestly liked and reblogged quite quickly. It was around the same time that airtime providers were trumpeting the long awaited roll out of proper 4G networks. The title was my tongue in cheek knock at all the posturing and claims being made by each company about what they had to offer. And so it seems because of timing, my photo was suddenly being reblogged left, right, and center. 

It's been reblogged over 2000 times now! If it wasn't for the 4G comment and the timing… I wonder?

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