Saturday, November 22, 2014

Air BnB Campaign Shoot in Valencia

Valencia was the first of the locations for this AirBnB campaign that I worked on and it was really nice to find myself in Europe again. In addition to the location shoots that were planned, the film director also wanted to include highlights of the Falles festivities in her piece. After spending the morning checking out the available locations, the spaces were confirmed and everyone was ready to roll.

Because of the festivities, many of the streets were decorated with colourful bunting. 

On the first day of shooting we worked through some sets and then contributed to the street decorations with laundry props that were used when we worked with a model for the scene that was set up to be shot from across the street.

The following morning we shot the street scene with our poster boy model viewed from a balcony. It turned out to be a busy right of way but the production crew did a great job of managing to stop people appearing in shot without really annoying any general public who wanted access. 

The other challenge for them was stopping people who had seen the cameras and lights and were trying to intentionally get into the shots!

My "office"
Once we had the scene and wrapped, we were able to have some lunch and make preparations for the night shooting. There were a couple of locations that had been confirmed that would give great viewpoints for capturing the fires and fireworks that would be set off that night at the climax of the festivities. In order to have things well covered, the director and her film crew went along to one of the main sites but I was also given a video camera as back up for the site that I would be covering.

The fires and fireworks would happen around midnight, so I set up my "office" for the evening and started to captured stills of anything I saw that could be used by the client. As I watched and waited, the square below me suddenly began to fill up with people and a variety show took place on the stage at one side of the square. Once the fire was being lit and the fireworks ignited, I put down my stills camera and used the video camera that had been left with me. 

Although the display was spectacular, I later found out that the film crew not only had a similarly spectacular display to shoot, the assistant director actually caught on fire from sparks from the fireworks whizzing by! You can imagine all the puns… No one was hurt and no medical attention was needed.

We were all regrouping at my location, so as I waited I watched the crowds disperse and saw some of the organizers come along with water buckets to douse the fire. And so we wrapped Valencia and then it was time to celebrate the first of these shoots. One of our local team took us to a food cart which also served drinks and we were able to make a toast before heading back to our hotels before flying to London the next day.

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