Thursday, January 19, 2012

Being A 3-armed Parent Without Getting Surgery

I re-shot a product range and lifestyle images for a company named Mother's 3rd Arm. They are migrating to my photography over the next few months on their website and packaging. I think it's actually a good product and works really well. I got to test drive it in cars, the park, playground, home and other spaces using child models and their parents. The above shots were done in my studio with my main lighting. Most of the location shots were done with speedlites, reflectors and diffusers to cope with the varied lighting conditions and also give me the ability to react quickly as the children did their unpredictable thing and we move quickly from space to space and locations.
In the picture above, I'd actually stopped shooting when suddenly the little girl started grinning and I was quick enough to capture this shot which was exactly one of the images my client was hoping for. 

The little girl below did exactly the same thing and waiting till we thought we were done before she brought out her best smile!

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