Monday, January 23, 2012

Putting My 3 R's Into Practice

In this case "Roijoy Rapid Response". Everyone in San Francisco will not need to be reminded that we have been having some rain. Not the pretend rain where you still nip out in to do errands. No, it's been as if the whole city has set up camp at the base of Niagara falls!

So on Saturday when the sun came out, the streets were filled again as people caught up on their days that had been lost to the wet and stormy weather. It was14:00hrs and my phone rang.
"Isn't the weather beautiful today" said the voice at the other end.
"Yes it's fabulous", I agreed.
"Can we do my shoot now? I'm over in North Beach and it's so great outside."

I'd been emailing with this prospect and when he had asked about timings to do his portrait session, I had told him that I could be very flexible.

"Yes. Sure." I said. "I'll meet you at Montgomery and Green. I'll be there by 16:15hrs".

The voice in my head shouts "Go, go, go! This is not a drill. I repeat, this is not a drill!"
I grab a camera body, 2 prime lenses and a wide angle zoom. 2 speedlites and a ring flash adapter .  Check my bag once more before I zip it all up and rush out of the door.

I'd chosen the location because it also had some high elevations. This would be important because the sun would be dropping down toward the horizon quite quickly that late in the afternoon. But I would also be able to use it as both a backlight and a fill light depending on the shooting directions. Anyway the client and his friend were so much fun it really made the rush worthwhile. We got great pictures and we all had a good time.

It's always nice to have a little notice, but the Roijoy Rapid Response service is always there if you need it!

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